Our Activities

TAKE ACTION – 5 Activities

JaSPON is mainly engaged in the following five activities.
In addition, we have a separate working group to further explore our activities.

1. To Collect and Provide Information

Collection and provision of information on sustainable palm oil procurement.

2. To Promote Sustainable Palm Oil

Activities to promote the procurement and consumption of sustainable palm oil.

3. Completion Among Members

Exchange information among members and provide information for members.

4. As a Negotiation Delegate

To serve as a contact point for external organizations to compile and negotiate the opinions of Japanese stakeholders.

5. Etc. etc..

Other activities necessary to achieve the objectives.


Purpose of Establishment

The purpose of establishing JaSPON is “to promote the procurement and consumption of RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil throughout the industry through information sharing, opinion exchange and other activities among members. In order to create a place where members can bring themes for consideration and voluntarily exchange information and opinions to achieve our objectives, we have established working groups where practical discussions can be held.


The themes of the working groups are decided by the board of directors from among the candidates given by the regular members to contribute to the purpose of JaSPON. Currently, the following three working groups have been established.

  1. Derivatives and Additives WG
    This group examines how to increase the availability of certified raw materials for derivatives derived from nuclear oil and additives such as flavors and emulsifiers, which are difficult to obtain.
  2. Premium Pricing WG
    This group understands that premium prices are incurred, but it is difficult for manufacturers to understand where and what costs are incurred.
  3. Event Planning WG
    This is a planning group for seminars and workshops.

About the members of the working group

Members of the working group will be recruited from regular members for each theme, but the board of directors will coordinate the members to contribute to the proper operation of the group.
The members of the working group should be those in charge of the theme or those who have decision-making authority within the organization.